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Everyone will be delighted by these never-before-seen images from the “The Green Mile” star’s collection.


This incredibly gifted, well-respected, and wonderful actor gained a lot of attention and admiration after playing a guy who had been given the death penalty in “The Green Mile.”However, he didn’t have a great actual life either. His mother reared him alone. Eventually, a shortage of funds prompted the future great to quit basketball and drop out of school.

He was a security guard by profession, but his height, muscular build, and extraordinary physical condition led him to become a bodyguard.

He later acted alongside Bruce Willis in the film “Armageddon.” He was able to portray his most famous role, “The Green Mile,” in this one.

Clarke has acted in two motion pictures: Planet of the Apes and Sin City. Tragically, the effects of the 2012 heart attack he suffered in the hospital turned out to be deadly.

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