The painful truth is out 😭 All our prayers and thoughts with Gordon Ramsay 😳

Chef Gordon Ramsay got into a frightening bike crash that caused him to have serious bruises.

During Father’s Day weekend, the well-known chef and TV host used social media to remind his followers about the significance of wearing a helmet following his accident. The chef from “Hell’s Kitchen” then shared details of the scary experience that led to him requiring medical attention, stating that he was fortunate to have survived.

Tomorrow is #FathersDay and I want to remind all dads to stay safe by wearing a helmet! Ramsay shared a photo of his big bruise along with this important message.

Last week, I had a terrible bike accident in Connecticut. Thankfully, I’m alright and didn’t break any bones or sustain any serious injuries. However, I do have some bruises that make me resemble a purple potato.

I am grateful for the doctors, nurses, and staff at Lawerence + Memorial Hospital in New London who took care of me and examined me. However, I am especially grateful for my helmet, which saved my life. Wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day and stay safe. Gx.

Ramsay shared a video where he expressed gratitude towards the remarkable surgeons, doctors, and nurses who took care of him during his hospital stay. He emphasized the importance of wearing a helmet, regardless of the distance traveled or the cost of the helmet. Ramsay believes that even children should wear helmets for short journeys.

I feel fortunate to be standing here now. I’m experiencing discomfort. This week has been extremely challenging. And I’m managing to get through it, in a way.

His supporters promptly shared comments expressing their good wishes for him.

One person commented, “I initially thought it was just a minor crash, but that bruise tells a different story! I’m relieved to hear that you’re doing fine.” Another person expressed their gratitude, saying, “I’m extremely glad that we didn’t lose this amazing person. Thank you, Gordan, for raising awareness. We need more individuals like you who promote health and safety. I’m proud of you.”

We are relieved that chef Ramsay didn’t sustain more severe injuries.

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