Kate Middleton’s first public appearance after announcing she has cancer

Kate Middleton’s first public appearance after announcing she has cancer. Everyone hopes Princess of Wales gets better: ‘Monarchy needs her’.

Kate Middleton could be making her first public appearance since making the sad announcement. It all depends on the health of the Princess of Wales.

Just a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton made a truly emotional announcement. Unfortunately, the Princess of Wales was diagnosed with cancer, and since then she has preferred to withdraw from the public eye.

Even if she is going through difficult times, in June, Prince William’s wife could make her first public appearance since the tragic news that she is facing serious health problems. Thus, she could at an event dedicated to King Charles.

When will Kate Middleton’s next public appearance be?
There was a lot of controversy and suspicion about the Princess of Wales, because before she announced that she was suffering from cancer, she did not appear in the public space.

Later, Kate Middleton explained that his disappearance was closely related to the tragic diagnosis he received. During that extremely difficult time to manage, he preferred to focus only on the advice and treatment he received from the doctors, in order to successfully overcome this difficult ordeal.

Since the video message in which she told that the doctors gave her one of the saddest diagnoses, Kate Middleton has preferred not to make any public appearances, especially since she made it clear that she wants to focus only on her health.

However, it seems that if her health allows it, she will be seen in June at an event dedicated to King Charles.

Royal expert Gareth Russell told Us Weekly that there is a good chance the Princess of Wales will attend Trooping the Color. Even so, she wanted to point out that at the moment, her state of health is unstable, which is why this could change from one day to the next.

Still, everyone hopes she gets better.

“The nation hopes that her health will improve,” royal expert Tessa Dunlop said. “The monarchy needs her,” he also said, according to the cited source.

Kate Middleton has received another blow

Unfortunately, the problems are not over for Kate Middleton. After announcing that she is suffering from cancer, now her parents are going through a difficult time. It seems that Michael and Carole Middleton are in big financial trouble because of the companies they own.

Their debts would amount to $300,000, but they have not spoken to their daughter about this situation, especially since her health is not good.

All they want now is for the Princess of Wales to get through this difficult ordeal.

“Carole is desperately trying to keep Catherine fully focused on her recovery. It is a very worrying time for the family, but they do not seek any assistance from their children and do not want them to worry. “Catherine and her parents are very close and check in all the time, but business talk is off-limits because she needs to focus on her health,” a source close to them told Us Weekly.

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