Inside Prince Harry’s awkward first attempt at reconciliation with Prince William and Kate Middleton


Amid the ongoing health challenges faced by the Royal Family, there has been a growing call for reconciliation between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William, along with Kate Middleton. Reports suggest that the Duke of Sussex had previously made an attempt at mending the rift, although the encounter was described as somewhat awkward.

With Prince Harry’s impending return to the UK to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, there is speculation about a potential reunion with Prince William. This comes at a particularly challenging time for the Royal Family, as both Kate and King Charles are undergoing cancer treatment, limiting their ability to fulfill their usual public duties. Consequently, the number of working royals has been reduced, placing a significant burden on the Prince of Wales, who must balance his royal engagements with family responsibilities as the most senior available royal.

The reported willingness of Harry to return temporarily in a part-time capacity to alleviate the burden has been swiftly dismissed by sources close to William, as the brothers have endured a strained relationship in recent years. Despite their reunions for significant events, such as the coronation of King Charles and paying respects to their late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, any attempt at reconciliation between the brothers would not be the first endeavor to mend their differences.

In his bestselling memoir, “Spare,” Harry provided insights into the true state of his relationship with his elder brother, at least from his perspective. Chronicling their bond from childhood to the aftermath of Harry and Meghan’s royal exit, he recounted a meeting where he and his wife attempted to resolve tensions with Kate and William.

This meeting took place shortly after Meghan and Harry’s 2018 wedding, when tensions had already begun to escalate between the two couples, according to Harry. The duke described their visit to Kate and William’s home, where they aimed to clear the air over the “tension between the four of us.”

In “Spare,” Harry attributed these tensions to various factors, including the infamous argument over the bridesmaid dresses before the Sussexes’ wedding, forgetting to purchase presents for William and Kate, and the future King and Queen moving their assigned seats at Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception – an allegation denied by Kate and William.

The account provided by Harry portrays a situation where the attempt at reconciliation proved to be an arduous endeavor. He expresses his realization that their efforts to air grievances were not yielding any constructive progress. Kate’s demeanor is described as tense, gripping the edges of the seat with such force that her fingers turned pale, while asserting her expectation of receiving an apology.

The narrative then shifts to Kate acknowledging that a casual remark made by Meghan regarding “baby brain” had deeply hurt her feelings, prompting Meghan to offer an apology and clarify that no offense was intended. However, William swiftly intervened, defending his wife and accusing Meghan of rudeness. Eventually, apologies were exchanged, and a tenuous truce was reached, albeit in a half-hearted manner, as described by Harry’s account.

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