Brad Pitt’s Unfortunate News. The Legendary Actor Himself Made The Announcement

Brad Pitt has informed his followers about his latest health condition. The well-known actor has shown that he has a problem with identifying people’s faces. He suspects that he suffers from prosopagnosia and this makes it difficult for him to recognize people.

Prosopagnosia is a neurological disorder that can become very disturbing over time. The 58-year-old actor said that at first, no one believed him. But even he does not have a final answer. He has not yet received the official medical response. Pitt reveals that he has difficulty distinguishing the faces of family members.

In addition, he has difficulty meeting friends and sometimes does not meet familiar people, because he does not know them. When asked Dr. James Galvin, director of the Comprehensive Brain Health Center at the University of Miami, said that this is a rare disease and affects about 2.5% of babies.

This disease can become more dangerous over time and is also related to Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is caused by a disorder affecting the fusiform gyrus. because of this damage, people find it difficult to identify faces and objects. This damage starts in infancy and develops over time. Also, this disease is related to the malfunction of an important part of the brain.

But in the most frequent cases, it is related to damage to the right lobes. This affects the deterioration of visual perception. This disease can also affect the professional life of the actor because people with this disease find it difficult to participate in movies. Prosopagnosia still has no solution or treatment. People try to find their friends or relatives by their voice, the way they walk, or the color of their skin. This is a way of adapting to live in this environment.

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