Owned Her License Plate for 15 Years, Suddenly It’s Deemed “Inappropriate” By The State, See Why People Are Upset in the Comment Below…

Wendy Auger has had her “PB4WEGO” license plate for fifteen years and is proud of it. But recently, New Hampshire said it was inappropriate, which upset and confused her.

The DMV refused her request to keep it, saying it had offensive wording. Wendy uses her car to express herself and make people smile.

Wendy strongly feels that her right to free expression is being violated by the state’s decision. She argues that “pee before we go” is just parental advice and isn’t offensive. She thinks the DMV’s decision unfairly took away her rights.

Getting the “PB4WEGO” plate was a big deal for Wendy. After New Hampshire allowed seven characters on plates instead of six, she was excited to get it. She was very happy with this small achievement, but now it seems to be disappearing.

The state relies on specific rules about vanity plates to back up its decision. They say Wendy’s situation is due to these rules, which were based on an old court decision. But is it fair to make Wendy give up something that has become important to her?

The question remains: should Wendy lose her beloved vanity plate? She hopes the authorities will reconsider and see that her message is harmless as she fights to keep it.

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