Candace Cameron Bure came under fire for posting an ‘inappropriate’ picture with her husband 😱 but she is not backing down… The photo in question is in the comments 👇👇

Recently, Candace Cameron Bure has been the target of harsh media criticism. The actress recently gained attention for remarks she made about the idea of “traditional marriage.” Many of the actress’s admirers were offended by her remarks.

This time, a photo of the actress and her husband is the cause of the uproar.

1994 saw Candace Cameron Bure meet Valeri Bure for the first time at a hockey game; they later got married. They started dating in 1994, and on June 22, 1996, they got married.

Despite being married for almost 20 years, they still find time for one another and work to maintain their romance.

It was wonderful to have a glimpse of their marriage’s lighter side through a story Bure shared on Instagram. Despite this, the crowd reacted negatively to the actress since they thought that her lighthearted demeanor was unpleasant.

Contrarily, Bure remained steadfast in the face of opposition. She posted the picture on her Facebook page rather than back down. Two pictures that she posted online showed the “sweet and spicy” quality of her love for her husband. In the second image, Valerie is holding his wife by the shoulder and placing his hand on her chest. His second hand is on his own chest as well.

She was forewarned by supporters that the image was unsuitable for a person of her size who was a “Christian star.” The actress, though, had a response for her detractors. If anything I said caused you to feel uncomfortable, I apologize. In a video that was uploaded as a recap of her Instagram stories, she grinned and added, “I’m not sorry.” “I’m thrilled that we’re still having a good time after all these years.”

After 24 years, she claimed to be a “living example” of what a “happy and healthy marriage” looks like.

She added the following in a subsequent video for her Instagram story: “Because it’s my husband, that makes me chuckle.” He has the right to touch me whenever he wants, and I hope he exercises it.

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