Pacino showed his illegitimate twin-children and caused a furor! 🧐🤯Olivia and Anton have already grown up and raise questions with their appearance! 🤔😳See their recent photos in the comments! 👇👇👇

What this legendary and world-renowned actor’s illegitimate twin heirs look like escaped the special attention of no single one.

The actor has lately shown his children and made a massive splash on social media.

Surprisingly enough, the heartthrob has never been married. However, he has four children from different relationships.

His first heiress Alya was born in 1989 to his acting teacher Y. Tarrant. What concerns the twins, they were born to actress B. D’Angelo in 2001.

His fourth child was born to his current girlfriend when the legendary film star, believe it or not, was already 83. What is even more surprising, his girlfriend is only 29, but their huge age difference somehow fails to prevent them from happiness.

The appearance of the grown-up twins is making headlines on social media. No one expected that his twins look so unattractive and overweight.

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