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Hollywood couples are often not seen in a favorable light. It seems as if they are not together very long before they break up, but that isn’t always the case.

Two actors in Hollywood have been together for many years, and they give an example of what true love can be. That relationship started in 1983, and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been a couple since that time.

One of the things that many people recognize about the relationship between Kurt and Goldie is the commitment they have to living their life together. They live near Goldie’s mother, Kate Hudson in Los Angeles and the families have blended together seamlessly.

In addition to being there by Goldie’s side, Kurt has also been a loving father to her children, Kate and Oliver. They also have their own son, Wyatt Russell who is busy getting his feet wet in the entertainment industry.

Something that many people find interesting about the relationship between Goldie and Kurt is the fact they have never got married. Goldie spoke about that choice in 2015, expressing how much she appreciates her independence and she makes decisions without the commitment of marriage. She said she feels that it has added to their bond.

Goldie also spoke about their first date, as they went to the Playboy club. That is where they learned the jitterbug dance as a couple. From the dance, it turned into a romantic evening, and began their long relationship with each other.

Something else that Goldie shared is the fact that they have separate bathrooms, and she feels as if that is the secret to their long relationship. They have their privacy and personal space, and you can argue with their success.

Undoubtedly, they have had their issues over the years but they continue to stick it out and prove that Hollywood romances can work.

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