William spent his birthday evening at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert with George & Charlotte!

Kate Middleton posted an affectionate message to Prince William on social media this morning.

If you’ve been following the Kensington Palace accounts for a while, you’ll know the initial at the end of the post indicates that the Princess personally authored the message—the “C” stands for Catherine.

Meanwhile, the “x” signifies a kiss. In the UK, we often sign off messages to friends, family, and loved ones with an “x.” (I’m told people in other countries do this too, but I’m certain it’s not universal).

This is the first time we’ve seen Kate sign a message with a kiss. It was a lovely, affectionate gesture to her husband. (And frankly, fun for fans to see!)

As expected, the Princess snapped the wonderful photograph herself. She is known for her love of photography and often takes personal photos of her family, sharing them on special occasions. I am pleased the Princess hasn’t stopped sharing her photos after the Mother’s Day furore.

The birthday photo captures the joyous moment Prince William and his three children—Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis—jump off a sand dune. They are all mid-air, holding hands, and smiling brightly against the vibrant blue sky.

Kensington Palace told reporters Kate snapped the photograph in Norfolk last month. All four royals are dressed for the beach. Prince William is wearing a navy blue hoodie with pink shorts, barefoot like his children. Princess Charlotte is in a striped long-sleeve top paired with patterned shorts. Prince George sports a navy blue t-shirt with light blue shorts, and Prince Louis wears a light blue t-shirt with darker blue shorts.

In contrast to what Kate has been going through these last six months (her surgery, cancer diagnosis, and treatment), the photo emits a relaxed and carefree vibe, showing the family happy and united.

Their expressions are fantastic, aren’t they? I love Charlotte and William’s faces in particular.

Happy Birthday, Prince William! Hope you have a wonderful day.

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