Royal Experts Revealed The Nickname That The Late Prince Philip Once Called Meghan Markle, And It Is Absolutely Brutal

A royal specialist claims that the late Prince Philip had a rather disparaging nickname for the Duchess of Sussex.

The nickname alluded to a connection between Meghan Markle and Wallis Simpson, the contentious former wife of King Edward VIII, highlighting similarities between the two women despite their marriages being to the royal family and their divorces.

Meghan was allegedly called by Prince Philip a moniker that alluded to this relationship.

Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

After King Edward VIII decided to quit the throne in December 1936 (less than a year after becoming a king) in order to marry Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee who later became the Duchess of Windsor, she became one of the most controversial royal characters in recent history.

According to the Royal Observer, at the time, it was forbidden for royals to get married to someone who had divorced. This prohibition was lifted in 2002, just three years before Prince Charles wed Camilla.

According to Vogue, after King Edward and Wallis Simpson got married, they were forbidden from going back home without the new King George VI’s consent because of concerns that it might spark unrest among the populace.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor made headlines during their years of exile. One of their most frightening moments came in 1937 when they travelled to Nazi Germany and were captured on camera offering Adolf Hitler the infamous Nazi salute.

Prince Philip’s brutal nickname

In an interview with GB News, royal biographer Ingrid Seward provided insight into Prince Philip’s viewpoint, indicating that he believed Meghan and Wallis Simpson shared numerous similarities, which resulted in the Duchess of Sussex assuming a low-key moniker.

Seward claims that Prince Philip, who was renowned for his keen assessment of character, was unable to ignore the similarities between Edward and Mrs. Simpson and Meghan and Prince Harry.

“I think that Prince Philip was very canny about people and he didn’t always see bad in people, he often tried to see the good in them,” Seward said.

“He just could not get away from the similarities between Meghan and Harry and Edward and Ms Simpson, which his why he used to call her the Duchess of Windsor. Not to her face though, he used to call her DOW,” she added.

Seward went into additional detail in her book “My Mother and I” regarding Prince Philip’s misgivings about Meghan, characterising him as “wary” of the former Suits actress and her possible influence on the royal family.

The royal family’s views on Meghan’s role and influence varied; Prince Philip thought she may be disruptive, while Queen Elizabeth II had “high hopes” for her.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry departed the royal life

After moving to California and resigning from their royal responsibilities in 2020, Meghan and Harry have remained largely hidden from the public eye.

According to the Daily Express, Harry will be in the UK on May 8 for a service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Meghan is anticipated to stay in the US, claiming her desire to stay out of the spotlight and safety concerns.

Meghan has chosen not to attend some important ceremonies, such King Charles III’s coronation, which Harry attended by himself last year, even though she occasionally travels back to the UK for important occasions like Queen Elizabeth II’s burial in 2022.

It’s obvious that, in the face of ongoing criticism and public curiosity about her relationship with the royal family, Meghan is choosing to put her safety and tranquilly first.

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