Evidence of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck splitting up comes to light

Reports suggest trouble in paradise for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who tied the knot in a whirlwind ceremony in Las Vegas in 2022. Affleck has been spotted staying alone in a home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, leading to speculation about their relationship status.
While Affleck was seen leaving the home solo and spending nights there, it’s unclear if he has officially moved out of their Beverly Hills marital home. Both stars have been seen wearing their wedding rings, but they’ve been attending events solo, raising eyebrows.

Affleck’s absence from Lopez’s side at the Met Gala was attributed to his filming commitments, but he was seen at an event in L.A. the night before. Meanwhile, Lopez was seen house hunting, sparking rumors about her living arrangements.
The couple hasn’t been photographed together since March, and Affleck’s choice to stay in Brentwood, where his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and their children live, has fueled speculation about the state of their marriage. Despite reports, there has been no official statement from Lopez or Affleck regarding their relationship.

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