While Emmy Russell may not have won American Idol, she isn’t letting that stop her from kickstarting her career.

Russell recently sang at the Grand Ole Opry for the second time, following a performance honoring her grandmother, Loretta Lynn, in 2022. She took the stage again on June 1, and fans as well as her former American Idol contestants showed their love and support.

Also sharing words of support was Crystal Gayle, Russell’s great-aunt. She posted a photo of the two on social media with a sweet caption.

“We had a wonderful time at the [Grand Ole Opry] last night,” the post begins. Gayle continued, “My great niece, Emmy Russell was fantastic. She is such a beautiful and sweet girl. It is great to see her starting out her career. I remember those days!”

Fans took to the comments to share their excitement for Emmy Russell’s blossoming career. “Great photo and someone’s gotta say it… Yay third generation of country royalty!” one fan wrote on Twitter/X. “If she’s half as talented as her great aunt she will be phenomenal!” another wrote, also praising Gayle at the same time.

Emmy Russell’s Fellow American Idol Contestants Show Support for Their Friend

On Emmy Russell’s post about the Opry night, her fellow American Idol contestants and friends showed up in the comments to show their support on her big night.

Top 3 finalist Jack Blocker wrote, “Cmon [Emmy Russell],” cheering her on for her performance on the Opry’s official post. Top 8 finalist Kaibrienne Richins wrote on Russell’s post, “Oh my gosh you look amazing,” while Top 10 finalist Mia Matthews added, “pretty pretty girl,” complementing Russell on her looks for the show.

Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen, who was eliminated in the Top 10, simply commented, “Queen.” Other fans commented on Russell’s post, with one writing, “I couldn’t see you but I sure heard you on radio and you knocked it out of the ball park once again. You sounded amazing. I’m so excited for your future! As I’ve said before, you’ve got your on lane and you will rule in it!”

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