Jennifer Garner’s New Boyfriend Revealed – You Won’t Believe Who He Is

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were a really big deal in the early 2000s. Their relationship got a lot of attention from the media. Many people were excited when they got back together after about 20 years. It made a lot of their fans happy, as well as people who love romantic stories and pop culture.

But while everyone was talking about Jennifer and Ben, they kind of forgot about Ben’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

Affleck and Garner officially got divorced in 2018, but they separated in 2015. They have three kids: Violet, who is 17, Seraphina, who is 14, and Samuel, who is 10.

There are rumors that Garner started dating her on-and-off boyfriend, businessman John Miller, about six months before her divorce was finished.

Miller likes to keep his life private. He’s a lawyer and businessman who is the CEO of CaliBurger, a fast food chain, and its parent company, CaliGroup. Before this, he worked at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals as the VP of intellectual property.

Miller was married to American violinist Caroline Campbell from 2005 to 2014. They got divorced about a month after Garner and Affleck separated. Miller and his ex-wife have a daughter named Violet and a son named Quest.

Miller and Garner have been together for five years, but they don’t like being in the spotlight. They prefer living a private life away from the public and the media.

“She likes that he doesn’t care about being famous or the Hollywood scene, unlike Ben and J.Lo,” said a source to Us Weekly. “They don’t try to get attention from cameras or worry about going to events together. That’s just not their style.”

The source also said, “They’re happier being a regular couple and don’t need anyone else’s approval to know they’re right for each other. It’s not that they’re saying anything bad about others, it’s just not who they are.”


Miller and Garner took a short break between 2020 and 2021 because “he wanted to get married, but she wasn’t ready,” according to someone close to them.

“John really cares about Jen, but he’s not too pushy,” said another source. “He gives her space when she needs it but is there for her when she needs him. They’ve had some great trips together, that’s one of the things they love to do.”

When Affleck and Lopez got married in 2022, everyone wanted to know how Garner felt about it.

Garner and her boyfriend were seen having a good time, and it was clear she didn’t mind her ex getting married in Las Vegas.

In January 2023, Entertainment Tonight published photos of Affleck chatting happily with John.

“Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are showing that exes can still get along! Jennifer and her boyfriend John Miller arrived at their house, where Ben was seen happily talking to John. Later, the private couple was spotted shopping in Montecito’s Village,” the outlet wrote.

Garner and Miller have become more comfortable showing their relationship to the public. They’re often seen kissing, holding hands, or going for runs together.

“Jen is not as shy as she used to be with John because they’re more comfortable and secure with each other,” a source said. “She’s proud to show him off.”

A source told US Weekly in 2023 that the couple is “in a great place” and added, “They used to keep a low profile, but now they’re both very secure with their relationship.”

On Garner’s 50th birthday, they gathered all their kids, which was a big deal.

Their friends say they’ve talked about getting married, but they’re not rushing. The actress is happy just enjoying what they have without making it official.

“Jen and John have a special relationship,” another insider said. “After her marriage with Affleck being so public, she likes being with someone who isn’t famous.”

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