‘Jeopardy!’ fans outraged after all three contestants get stumped on this prayer question

Jeopardy! is the most watched game show on television. The most astute and informed players answer questions based on clues that most average home viewers find difficult to understand.

To the amazement of many Christian followers, all three participants in a recent episode were stumped by an apparently straightforward hint about the Lord’s Prayer.

The $200 clue, which is the smallest and frequently easiest amount on the board, was read by host Mayim Bialik in the “Dadjectives” category on June 13.

“This ‘Be Thy Name,’ Our Father Who Art in Heaven,” declares Matthew 6:9.

The response is “hallowed” (or, more accurately, “what is hallowed,” in accordance with Jeopardy! rules), which should be recognizable to anyone who learned the Lord’s Prayer in Sunday school.

even seemingly easy Jeopardy answers! occasionally perplex participants, but among the faithful, it appears that the fact that no one could understand one of the most well-known Christian prayers struck a nerve.

“On Jeopardy last night, not a single player recognized the answer to this.Are you awake yet?” a person asked on Twitter.

Growing up, learning the Lord’s Prayer was similar to learning the Pledge of Allegiance. You simply did,” reads one tweet.

Another commented, “Even if it might not be an indication of the end of the world, it tells volumes about Americans and their faith—or lack thereof.

While some viewers read it as a sign of declining US confidence, others were just shocked that such a clear signal went unnoticed.

One Twitter user stated, “I’m an atheist and even I knew the answer to that lord’s prayer question.”

“My 4-year-old niece correctly answered this Jeopardy question! I was only curious if the competitors had never heard of the Lord’s Prayer. Someone else penned.

“How are those in jeopardy? Nerds are unaware of the answer. Do they not know who Iron Maiden is? A other user made a joke about Iron Maiden’s song “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

A seemingly straightforward question seemed to stump every participant, surprising some spectators who found others to be more composed. Two of the contestants may have decided to play it safe rather than take a chance on falling farther behind because of their low scores.

It’s also crucial to remember that Jeopardy! frequently poses questions about Christianity and the Bible, and players frequently receive correct answers to issues that would be challenging for even the most devout churchgoer. In fact, some have complained that the show asks too many questions about Christianity because it’s such a common topic.

Furthermore, Jeopardy! welcomes competitors with a variety of backgrounds and religious views; it’s highly probable that these three participants were not raised in a predominantly Christian household like many viewers.

“He starred in the 2 films whose soundtracks were the top 2 bestselling albums of 1978,” was the Final Jeopardy response. Even though the participants couldn’t understand the Lord’s Prayer, they performed marginally better when it came to 1970s films.

The right response? John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever and Grease soundtracks). With this victory, competing player Suresh Krishnan’s winning run now stands at six games.

How do you feel about these Jeopardy questions? Are the competitors unaware of the Lord’s Prayer? Tell us what you think about this story!

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