Photo Of Man With Daughter In Walmart Sparks Outrage After People Spot Unexpected Detail (\/idoe)

At a Cleveland Walmart, police are investigating after photos surfaced of a man gripping his daughter’s hair onto a shopping cart. Erika Burch witnessed the scene, describing the man “dragging the little girl by her hair,” with the child pleading, “Please stop. I promise I won’t do it again.” Erika took photos and confronted the man, who replied, “No, you need to mind your own business.”
Another shopper, Ora Schumann, noted the man was angry because the child wasn’t close to the cart. The child apologized, saying, “I’m sorry I won’t do that again.”

Photo Credit: CBS Texas/Youtube

Erika called the police, and Chief Darrel Broussard said they are working with Child Protective Services (CPS), investigating the household for other children and behavior patterns.
Erika’s photos on Facebook have over 18,000 shares. Many expressed distress, with one user writing, “This is so sad. I feel awful for that poor baby girl.” Some cautioned against quick judgment, with one saying, “While I do not agree with his methods, I’m not judging him either.”

No charges have been filed, and the investigation continues, sparking a conversation about public parental discipline.

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