Officer Sacrifices Himself To Save Wife From Crash, A Few Weeks Later This Miracle Happens..👇

On August 1, two off-duty deputies from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, Lucas and Nicole Shoffner, were struck by a vehicle while repairing a dirt bike by the roadside. The vehicle was driven by Raymond Surber, a deputy from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has requested prayers for the injured deputies via Facebook.

Lucas sustained severe injuries, with Matt Fagiana, a former Loudon County sergeant, revealing that Lucas heroically saved Nicole by pushing her out of the way. Fagiana described Lucas as “kind, loyal, funny, and resilient,” adding, “You got this Lucas, and we are behind you and Nicole every step of the way.”

Lucas is in the Transplant Intensive Care Unit at UT Medical Center with serious head injuries and is in a medically induced coma. The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, where Lucas previously served, expressed their support, saying, “Lucas, everyone at LCSO is pulling for you!”

In a hopeful update, Nicole shared on Instagram that Lucas is leaving intensive care after 40 days. “Today we start our chapter of healing,” she announced. The story underscores the sacrifices and resilience of law enforcement officers.

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