Oliver Hudson just opened up about the ‘trauma’ he faced with his mother Goldie Hawn while growing up, and it has the internet heated up! 😮

Goldie Hawn happens to be one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, having starred in some amazing movies over the years. Now, it seems the actress has been focusing on her family, but that might not have always been the case.

Her son Oliver Hudson opened up about his childhood, growing up with a mother who was incredibly busy. Keep reading to see what he had to say about his ‘trauma.’

During a podcast last month, Oliver Hudson made some comments about his mother, Goldie Hawn’s busy schedule, which concerned a lot of fans. During the episode which was released last month, Hudson opened up about his experience with the Hoffman Institute, a transformative program which aims at unpacking familial patterns and building emotional resilience.

“My mother was the one that I had almost the most trauma about interestingly enough because she was my primary caregiver and I was with her all of the time,” he said with to guest Bode Miller. “I felt unprotected at times. She would be working. She had new boyfriends that I didn’t really like. She would be living her life and she was an amazing mother. This is my own perception as a child who didn’t have a dad and needed her to be there and she just wasn’t sometimes and she came out far more than even my dad who wasn’t there.”


He reflected on his childhood, sharing that the institute helped him explore the complexities of his relationship with his mother. As Goldie was her and sister Kate’s primary caregiver, he shared his feelings of sometimes feeling unprotected because his mother was so busy and had things going on in her romantic life. As a child, he merely wanted the presence of his mother.

The session at the Hoffman Institute allowed Oliver to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of his mother’s efforts when he was growing up. While he might have complicated feelings about his childhood, Oliver is vocal about how instrumental Goldie and her longtime partner Kurt Russell have been in developing his worldview.

However, it seems what Oliver said has been taken out of context and now the actor wants to set the record straight. In his new podcast episode for Sibling Rivalry, a podcast he hosts with sister Kate Hudson, he said his comments had been “taken so far out of context.”


“I’m even afraid to talk about it to inflame this even more, because everything is taken so far out of context. If you listen to the whole thing, it’s more about my child feelings in that moment rather than me and how I feel about Mom as a parent,” the actor explained.

“I don’t know who I would be without my mother,” he clarified about his mother, 78-year-old Goldie Hawn. “I can’t even fathom it. The love that I have for her and the respect and the reverence that I have for her is beyond anything. So, it was just completely taken out of context.”

Kate added how the minute she heard his comments she knew “immediately” they would be taken out of context due to the use of such “such clickbait words.”

“I can’t leave my brother alone for a second,” she added as a joke.


Oliver agreed with his sister, saying that perhaps his using the word “trauma” might have highlighted his comments, not in the way he intended. “You say that word and immediately it inflames everything. There was no trauma coming from my mother, the way she raised me, in any way whatsoever,” Oliver shared. “You’re speaking from a 5, 6-year-old perspective — that’s what I was doing. Without her, again, I’d be nothing.”

“In retrospect, I’m just gonna shut the f**k up from now on,” he concluded jokingly.

Oliver has never been shy of singing praises for his mother and her partner Kurt Russell. He once said in an interview, “When I was on my 24th birthday, I was sort of struggling as an actor trying to figure it out.” He went on, “Kate is a movie star, my parents are stars, I felt like a black sheep of sorts. I put that on myself. And [Kurt] said, ‘Look, Oliver, you have to stop caring. Don’t give a s**t what people think, how you look, all the stuff, you just do you.’”

“It’s not an easy task, but I think that’s the best advice because it frees you up, you know what I mean? It frees you up,” Oliver added.

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