Adam Levine’s Return to ‘The Voice’ Is Upsetting Some NBC Employees: ‘Not Everyone Is Happy’👇👇👇

Adam Levine announced that he’s returning to The Voice for season 27. Fans are ecstatic for Levine’s return, as he previously left the show in 2019. However, according to a source, some NBC employees aren’t happy about the Maroon 5 frontman returning to the series. Here’s what the source alleged.

A source says that Adam Levine’s return to ‘The Voice’ is making some NBC employees upset

Adam Levine can’t wait to get back to coaching on The Voice Season 27. The Maroon 5 frontman coached on the series for the first 16 seasons and had an infamous rivalry with Blake Shelton. He left in 2019 to spend more time with his family. In June 2024, Levine announced his imminent return on Instagram.

Levine posted an Instagram photo of himself on The Voice overlaid with texts from fans. The texts echoed the same sentiment—they want Levine to return to the show. After the texts, Levine spoke in the video about his announcement.


“Yeah, we’re back,” Levine says in the video. “We’re coming back. I’m coming back, is what I mean. Season 27. Yes, I’m coming back. I’m so excited. I cannot wait.”

He added that he’s “rested” and “ready to go,” though he’s a “little nervous” to get back in the game. “But I’m so excited, and it’s going to be great, and I can’t wait. It’s going to be awesome. Let’s go!”

While fans are ready to see Levine return to coaching, some NBC employees may not be as excited. “Not everyone is happy with Adam coming back to the show,” a source told “There have been many changes behind-the-scenes, but there are a lot of people still there from Adam’s time before and don’t like that he will be returning, because towards the end of his last run, he was cocky, arrogant, and seemed entitled.”

The source added that if Levine’s behavior doesn’t shift, NBC won’t hesitate to fire him. But the network hopes to drive viewership with his return.

“Adam provides some nostalgia, and he knows how it works,” the source explained. “It could lead to other opportunities with NBC Universal and would also keep him away from joining rival network shows like American Idol. It is being seen as a safe and defensive move to bring him back.”


The Maroon 5 star was allegedly difficult to work with on ‘The Voice’

'The Voice' star Adam Levine sitting on a stool while playing guitar
‘The Voice’ star Adam Levine sitting on a stool while playing guitar | Tyler Golden/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Adam Levine is a controversial figure on The Voice. During Levine’s last season, season 16, an eyewitness told TVLine that the Maroon 5 frontman caused issues. He didn’t want to attend the season 16 semifinals because he had no singers on his team. During a performance with the other coaches, Levine appeared utterly “checked out.”

“Adam had been checked out for a while,” the insider said, according to Yahoo. “But this was a new low. It was essentially the straw that broke the camel’s back.”


Levine admitted that by season 16, he was ready to be finished coaching. “I think that when it all kind of naturally happened, I was like, ‘OK, it feels right,’” he told Howard Stern. “For better or worse, the moment in which we decided to walk away felt really good. It was the right time for me to go.”

Blake Shelton wants to see Kelsea Ballerini beat Adam Levine

John Legend, Michael Bublé, and Kelsea Ballerini will join Adam Levine as The Voice Season 27 coaches. Ballerini has never been a full-time coach on the show before, and she knows Levine is a formidable foe. However, Blake Shelton is helping her learn how to create a winning team.

“I feel very strongly I’m going to have to really fight Adam Levine,” she told People. “I know it’s a big deal that he’s coming back, but yeah — I feel like we’re going to be frenemies. Just kidding. However, I’ve gotten some pep talks from Blake about how to take him down!”

Fans would love for Shelton to return to compete against Levine, as in the first seasons of The Voice. However, Shelton hasn’t mentioned returning.

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