At 51 years old, Cameron Diaz welcomes her second child with husband Benji Madden! However, the birth announcement has caused a heated debate online… 😓 Check the comments for full story👇

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have been wed for more than nine years now. They have kept their daughter out of the spotlight since welcoming her four years ago.

It appears they are now parents to two children. If you want to know who their newest family member is, you should read on.

Celebrity couple Cameron Diaz (51 years old) and Benji Madden (45 years old) welcomed their second child together on Friday. The happy parents-to-be shared the news of their son Cardinal’s arrival on Instagram.

The happy pair broke the news with the aid of an artwork photo captioned, “A little bird whispered to me.” Nobody knew the couple was having a kid, so the news caught everyone off guard.

Announcing the arrival of their son, Cardinal Madden, is something that Madden expressed in the caption, writing, “We are blessed and excited.” Astonishing and much-appreciated, he said, “He is here!”

“Although we will not be sharing any pictures for the children’s safety and privacy, I must say that he is absolutely adorable,” the caption said. We are filled with immense gratitude and blessings. Our family sends their warmest regards to yours. Good day and best wishes!

On the whole, the pair is very discreet about their lives. They were married in 2015, and in 2019, they had a daughter, Raddix. They didn’t announce her coming until after she was born, and they were tight-lipped about it before then.

Raddix Madden was born into this world, and Cameron Diaz expressed her joy, gratitude, and blessings in a birth announcement for her daughter. “She has utterly won our hearts and brought our family full circle.”

“Although we are ecstatic to announce this, we are also deeply concerned about safeguarding the privacy of our child,” the caption continued. So, except from the fact that she is incredibly adorable, we will not be providing any further details or images. Heck, some would go so far as to call it RAD!

An insider claims that the parents-to-be endured much hardship in order to bring their daughter into the world. “They endured immense hardships to reach this stage.” Cameron considers the kid to be a true miracle, according to the source. Despite the couple’s silence on the matter, the insider said that Raddix was conceived via surrogacy.

The announcement of a second child apparently did not go down well with everyone. “Who the heck wants to become a parent at 51 yrs old?” remarked an Instagram user. as another person penned, “Wow…. She is rather elderly; I pray they find a surrogate for her.

It would appear that not everyone supports their choice to start a family at this stage of their life. Naturally, though, people have different views on everything!

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