With heavy hearts, we announce the passing. When you find out who she is, you will cry: Check the first comment ⤵️⤵️

THE HORROR OF A MOTHER My daughter was dead next to me when I woke up. We don’t know why; medics tried to save her but it was too late.

A MUM talked about how terrible it was to wake up and find her five-year-old daughter dead next to her.

Rachael Marsland, Lila’s mother, found her unresponsive in bed with her on December 28, 2017.

They called 911 right away, but little Lila is thought to have been dead for several hours before they got there.

It would be her sixth birthday in two weeks.

Rachael told the Manchester Evening News about the horrible event: “I woke up and she was dead next to me.” When I called for help, she had already been dead for a while.

“They did CPR on her, but it was too late by the time they got there.” It’s terrible. I still cannot believe it took place.

“She was nice to everyone. Every time I dropped her off or picked her up from school, she would give a hug to each teacher.” She could leave in thirty minutes.”

Rachael said that she and Lila’s 41-year-old dad Daz still don’t know how she died, which means they can’t properly mourn her death.

The death of Lila is being looked into, and a full hearing is set for November.

People were very sad when her family held a funeral service a month after she died. The church was full of people.

In her memory of the service, Rachael said it was “the perfect day” for her daughter because all of her elementary school friends were there.

The family has now started a charity called Lila’s Light. Its goal is to make grief bags for kids who have lost a sibling.

Rachael said that her family wants to “keep Lila’s name alive” and work on “something good.”

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