MY 51-YEAR-OLD MIL BEGGED ME TO ADOPT HER NEWBORN TWINS When she said this terrible reason, I was shattered. So, I had to make the toughest choice👇

A few months after welcoming her twin baby boys, my 51-year-old mother-in-law tearfully pleaded with me to adopt them after her death. I could not hold back my tears when she made another heartbreaking revelation.

My life was at the peak of bliss. What more could I ask for than a beautiful little nest full of love and warmth? I was blessed with my loving husband, William, and our three little sons, who made my life happier and busier every single day.

We were not very affluent but always had reasons to celebrate every little joy that came our way, and William’s twenty-seventh birthday marked another important day of feasting, fun, and family time. We threw a birthday party at our house and invited my in-laws, family members, and friends.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

Everything was going fine. Laughter sprawled across our little home, and joy filled our hearts as William raised a toast. That’s when my mother-in-law, Marley, chimed in and made another toast.

“To my two little buns in the oven!!” she announced, and grave silence filled the room. My 50-year-old mother-in-law was pregnant with twins through IVF…

William was extremely embarrassed. Some cheered and toasted with my mom-in-law, while others started whispering things. My husband was visibly furious. I held his hand and gestured for him to stay calm.

“We can sort this out later, hun. People are watching,” I whispered.

I knew it would be hard for William to digest the news because we were planning another baby. While we dreamed of becoming parents again, my husband was going to be a brother.

Grief and love are like conjoined twins. You do not get one without the other.

“Jessica, you don’t understand. How could mom even do this? She’s fifty and turning fifty-one soon… How could she even—” William fumed. I was trapped between my husband and his mother.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

I knew my mom-in-law and her husband had been dealing with a relationship crisis for a long time. Maybe she thought having babies could heal and fix their differences. I was not sure, but I sincerely pitied my mother-in-law. I knew this was not an easy decision she made overnight. She must have thought about it deeply, and it came at the cost of all her savings.

Months passed, and a week after my mom-in-law turned fifty-one, she welcomed her twin baby boys. It was a complicated childbirth, so I stayed close to her in the maternity ward.

Soon, all that pain and trouble she endured turned into joy when she heard the loud cries of her two little bundles of joy. She was the happiest—I could tell by looking at the endless tears of joy flowing from her eyes as she held her infants. It brought tears to my eyes too, and I was so happy for her.

Then all of a sudden, my phone rang. I could hear William sobbing, and then he stammered:

“Hon—Honey, daddy met with an accident. He died on the spot.”

“WHAT??” I dropped the phone and looked at my mother-in-law, who was the happiest on earth, cuddling her babies. How will I tell her that her husband is dead? I cried outside the ward. But the truth had to come out one way or the other.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pixabay

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pixabay

A few days passed, and my mother-in-law grew worried about her husband.

“Darling,” she called out to me. “Where is David? Why hasn’t he come?”

“Mom, let’s go home first,” William told her. He was speechless after that, and we could not figure out how to tell his mother the truth.

We drove my mom-in-law and her babies back home, and as we neared our house, our hearts began pounding faster. My mother-in-law almost fainted after seeing her late husband’s framed photo surrounded by flowers, wreaths, and candles. She understood he was gone, never to return.

A few weeks passed, and as the dust of grief slowly settled, my children and I became my mother-in-law’s pillars. We helped her tend to her babies while she overcame her postpartum issues. While we thought the storm had calmed, my mother-in-law called me one day, saying she wanted to share a secret. But when I met her in private, she first asked me to make a promise.

“Jessica, will you adopt my babies after I’m gone?” she asked.

“What? Why would you say that?”

“Because I was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. I don’t have much time left.”

I was shattered to bits and pieces when I heard this. But that was not all. My mother-in-law then revealed a terrifying secret she and her late husband had kept from William all their lives.

“David and I thought our relationship would improve after adopting William. It didn’t, but we loved our son to the core. But it kept pricking us we couldn’t bear children due to David’s infertility.”

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

“I knew it was a stupid idea, but I wanted to become a mother though I was fifty and still hadn’t reached menopause. I wanted to have my own kids, and IVF helped. I should’ve done this earlier, but the fear of society always haunted me. I then realized that society was not going through my pain… I was… so I took the risk.”

I was startled when I learned my husband was my mother-in-law’s adopted son. Worse of all, he wasn’t aware of this.

How will I tell him the truth? Should I even tell him and destroy his peace? Or shall I take this secret to my grave? I pondered.

My mother-in-law broke my silence by begging me to promise I would take her babies after her death. I was torn. I had three kids already, and William had just settled into his new job and we were still struggling financially. But my mother-in-law’s story was different. She was a retired teacher surviving on her pension. In short, she didn’t have any hard days like us.

Taking her children in would mean double the responsibility and expenses. It was hard for me to decide, but at that time, I could not think further than lending my shoulders for her to lean on.

“I promise, mom. I will raise your children like my own. I’ll be their mother, no matter what.”

I sensed the hurdles coming my way, but I was prepared to face the challenge. I was raised in a shelter for orphans, and I knew how hard it was to live without parental support and love. No matter what, I was not ready to give my mother-in-law’s children that dark life.

A few months later, my mother-in-law lost her battle with cancer. I knew this was coming, but I was not prepared for it to happen too soon.

After she was laid to rest beside her beloved husband, I decided to reveal the truth to William. I knew it would hurt him, but I had to do it.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“Honey, there’s something I want to tell you,” I began as I looked deep into William’s teary eyes. It was evident he missed his mother to the core.

“I promised your mother that I would adopt her babies. They need us. We have to raise them. We cannot abandon them, hun.”

At this point, my husband hugged me tight and cried on my shoulder. He told me he was initially jealous of his newborn siblings, but after they lost both their parents in a string of a few months, he realized that those two little innocent lives needed him\. He had also decided to take them in and raise them. My husband told me he was waiting to discuss this with me and seek my permission.

“Darling, I’m so blessed to have you. You taught me the true meaning of love. I was embarrassed when my mother had her babies. I didn’t understand her. But I really miss her now, and I want to tell her how much I love her…” he said and wept.

I hugged William and sighed with relief. But there was still something nagging my thoughts. Should I tell William about his adoption?

That day, I promised myself I would be a good mother to my five kids and take the secret of my husband’s adoption to the grave. It would not make a difference because love stems from the heart, not DNA. He loved his late mom and dad, and I didn’t want to ruin that as long as I was alive.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

What can we learn from this story?

  • Only love and kindness can heal a broken heart. When Marley learned she would soon die of cancer, she asked Jessica to adopt her babies. Despite her struggles, Jessica agreed because she loved and sympathized with her mother-in-law.
  • Grief and love are like conjoined twins. You do not get one without the other. William was embarrassed when his mother announced her pregnancy. He was even jealous of his newborn siblings. But after his mother passed away, he realized how much he loved and missed her.

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