Money can’t buy true happiness, so despite a $400 million fortune, Arnold Schwarzenegger lives a low-key life on his farm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famed actor and former governor, may have amassed a fortune of $400 million, but he leads a modest life, finding happiness on his farm. Despite residing in a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, Schwarzenegger’s true joy lies in tending to his household and animals, including his recent role as a grandfather.
His sprawling Mediterranean-style abode, nestled in the Pacific Palisades, boasts seven bedrooms, accommodating his five children during visits. The property offers breathtaking views, complemented by amenities like a tennis court, swimming pool, and spacious outdoor areas, ideal for his pets—a pony named Whiskey and a miniature donkey named Lulu.

Arnold Schwarzenegger during the Digital X event on September 7, 2021, in Cologne, Germany | Source: Getty Images

In contrast to his glamorous public persona, Schwarzenegger embraces ordinary tasks, often spotted shopping or tending to his animals. His daily routine involves early mornings feeding his pets, each with their unique demands, before indulging them with treats, even allowing them inside the house.
Arnold’s life took a new turn with the arrival of grandchildren. Playing the role of a doting grandfather, he cherishes the moments spent with his granddaughter, finding pure delight in their visits, which bring warmth and joy to his home.

The Schwarzenegger children at the "Terminator: Salvation" Los Angeles premiere on May 14, 2009, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Despite his multifaceted career and immense wealth, Schwarzenegger finds contentment in life’s simple pleasures, proving that true happiness transcends material riches.

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