Mom is burning with shame! Paparazzi captured Lopez with her daughter, who doesn’t want to be a girl 😲😟 See the photos in the comments 👇👇👇

In 2008, the famous American singer Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins, Maximilian and Emma. The 15-year-old heiress Lopez recently stunned her mother’s fans by asking them to call her “THEY.”

Emma prefers boys’ clothes and acts like a teenage boy. Netizens are sure that J. Lo is unhappy with her daughter’s behavior, which casts a shadow on her mother’s impeccable reputation, however, Lopez, like any modern mother, supports Emma and tries to be a real support for the girl.

The other day, the paparazzi managed to capture Lopez on a walk with her daughter. The singer held her daughter’s hand, despite the whispers and caustic remarks of the paparazzi. “It will go away with age, I think”, “Not at all like my mother”,

“Nature has had a rest”, “A perfect copy of the mother before plastic surgery”, “Lopez has never been a beauty either”, “This will pass over the years”, “Does such a beautiful mother have such a daughter?”, write netizens under new photos of Lopez with daughter.












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