‘American Idol’ runner-up Will Moseley announced he has joined forces with the famous Country Band. ttmd

Just like any contestant on American Idol, Will Moseley battled through each round, looking to become the next American Idol. And it appears with each new episode, his fanbase grew. Finding his way into the season finale, Moseley ended his run in second place. Although not winning, Moseley shared his love for winner Abi Carter, wishing her the best moving forward. But while he didn’t win, the future is looking bright for Moseley as he recently announced he would be opening for a famous country band.

Keeping fans updated on what the future holds for him, Moseley announced he joined forces with the Zac Brown Band. Opening for the band in New York, the singer wrote, “Here we go! Hit the ground running! New York here we come! Beyond thankful for this opportunity.”

Showing their love for Moseley, fans filled the comments with well wishes and praise. “Right on man!!! You so deserve it and you are going to be huge! Can’t wait till someone will open for you!” Another comment read, “OMG!!!! Will, I am elated for you!!! We’ve followed them for about 20 years.”

Will Moseley Needed A Single Year To Break Into Country Music

With his future continuing to unfold, Moseley revealed how he once gave himself a single year to land a spot in music before finding what he called a real job. Speaking with Parade, he explained, “A year was a good goal. It wasn’t unreachable. Looking back on this past year—because a year ago I graduated almost to the week—I hope it never runs out. I hope those years just keep rolling over. I think this journey has shown how much I truly love performing and playing music.” He insisted, “I hope it never ends.”

Destined to play music, Moseley added that even when he isn’t on stage – he still performs. “This is the only thing that even on an off day, even when I don’t have a show, I find myself with a guitar in my hand playing around, thinking of music, trying to write a song or trying to do something to do with music. It’s the only thing that I’ve been truly passionate about my whole life.”

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