BREAKING: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made huge decision, and it confirms the rumors are true 😭😭 We had to see it go this way…Full story in the comments👇👇👇

We have what may be the most significant sign that a divorce is imminent for fans of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (or at least those who are curious about the status of their much-publicized marital problems).

The present unstable state of Affleck and J-Lo’s marriage has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks, and now TMZ is reporting that the couple is allegedly seeking to sell the house they purchased together after their marriage.

The pair reportedly paid more than $60 million last year for the opulent Beverly Hills estate. It has come to light that Ben has reportedly left the house due to the strain on his marriage to Jennifer.

J-Lo is reportedly on the hunt for her own house, while the Dogma star is residing in Brentwood, California, according to insiders who spoke with TMZ.

The house supposedly owned by “Bennifer” has reportedly been listed for sale for almost two weeks, but no serious bidders have shown interest as of this writing.

Curiously, the pair reportedly wants “around $65 million” back when they sell the house. While on paper it appears to be a respectable sum, closer inspection reveals a less flattering image.

TMZ reports that Ben and Jennifer would incur a loss of millions of dollars upon selling the property due to broker’s commission, a new tax on ultra-expensive houses, and the funds they invested in the home’s modifications.

And that, my dear readers, tells me that they’re about to reach the “sell at any costs” phase, which means they aren’t willing to sit tight on the boat and hope for the best for their marriage.

Actually, the couple’s efforts to sell their house are the most damning proof that they’re divorcing at this point.

You may recall that Lopez opted to spend time with her family last week rather than embark on her North American tour.

The thought of disappointing you fills me with dread and sadness. “I would never do this unless I truly believed it was essential,” the superstar wrote.

I assure you, I will atone for my transgression, and we will reunite. You all mean the world to me. Goodbye for now…

The couple’s most recent public appearance together, last weekend at Ben’s son’s basketball game, failed to instill confidence that they were resolving their issues, and Ben has been seen multiple times without his engagement ring.

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