BREAKING: Julian Sands, star of “A Room With a View,” confirmed dead after remains found in California wilderness. A tragic end for a great actor 😢💔 Full story in the comments:

Julian Sands, a 65-year-old actor known for his role as a romantic lead in “A Room With a View” and appearances in movies like “Warlock,” was declared deceased on Tuesday. He had been reported missing after going on a hike in the snow-covered mountains of Southern California on January 13th.

Sands loved climbing mountains. In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, he was asked about his happiest moments, and he replied, “Being near the top of a mountain on a beautiful cold morning.” On the day he disappeared, he had gone hiking by himself in the Baldy Bowl area of the San Gabriel Mountains, which is a well-liked spot for hikers and mountain enthusiasts, located about 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

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After receiving news of his disappearance, a thorough search was carried out. Regrettably, the search came to an end on Saturday, after a period of five months. Helicopters and drones were utilized in the search efforts, but the harsh wintry conditions persisted throughout spring, greatly hindering the search teams. Eventually, it was a group of hikers who accidentally stumbled upon human remains, later identified as Sands’.

The specific cause of his death is still unknown. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department stated that they are still investigating the manner of death and waiting for additional test results. The department also expressed their appreciation to all the dedicated volunteers who made great efforts to find Mr. Sands.

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According to the BBC, the actor’s family had already accepted that Sands was deceased, though this news will no doubt give them closure.

The family expressed their deep affection for Julian, remembering him as a great father, husband, adventurer, nature enthusiast, art lover, and a unique and cooperative performer.

His brother, Nick Sands, mentioned that he has accepted the reality of his departure and that is how he has coped with it. He added that he has already bid his farewells.

Sarah Jackson, Sands’ manager, told the Los Angeles Times that the actor was a wonderful friend and client.

Jackson stated that he selected captivating endeavors that held significance to him and was cherished by all those who collaborated with him. He had a fervent enthusiasm for climbing, and it brings us solace to know that he departed in a location he adored, engaging in what he loved. Our hearts are brimming with the most exquisite recollections.

Sands has acted in various films such as Arachnophobia, Naked Lunch, Warlock, Ocean’s 13, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Leaving Las Vegas. He also appeared in recurring roles on TV shows like 24 and Smallville.

In 2018, during an interview with The Guardian, he expressed his disinterest in becoming a Hollywood actor. Instead, he sought to push his boundaries and explore new acting opportunities. He yearned for something unique and captivating that would help him break free from his own limitations. He even admitted to finding his own persona somewhat dull.

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Despite not being a top-tier actor, he gained admiration and recognition from both his supporters and the reviewers. Janet Maslin, a former film critic for the New York Times, praised his consistent excellence, stating, “He consistently displayed goodness, gallantry, and dignity. I cannot recall a single misstep from him.”

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